LinkedIn is becoming more and more powerful. It is a B2B devoted social site that allows you to connect with other professionals and actively generate sales leads (by job title).

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 500 million users globally. 1 of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn sends nearly 4 times as many people to your home page than Facebook or Twitter.

Optimsing your LinkedIn is critical for generating good quality B2B leads. Take a look our recommendations below.

Be Clear and Concise

Often, your LinkedIn profile will be the first thing that a prospective customer sees- they won’t know who you are or what you do, and it’s up to you to convince them to keep reading. For that reason, you should ensure that your profile headline and summary clearly communicate what you do, and are tailored to appeal to the types of leads you want to generate.

Draw On Existing Connections

At its heart, LinkedIn is a social network- which means you shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to have to connect with your 2nd and 3rd connections. If you’re looking for clients in a particular niche or industry, our recommendation would be to add as many of them as you can from your ‘suggested 2nd and 3rd connections’. Unlike Facebook that is a bit more intimate, LinkedIn is about business. Don’t be scared to add people you don’t know – LinkedIn gives you 20% organic reach on your posts so you might be able to interest them in your product or service.

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Make A Plan For Your Content- And Stick To It!

It can be easy to let your social content calendars fall by the wayside as you focus on other parts of your business, but a lack of activity results in a lack of leads – so content marketing is critical. By consistently publishing high quality content, you’ll be making sure that you stand out from the competition as an insightful, competent professional- and that could make all the difference when it comes to generating leads.

Choose The Right Profile Picture & Headline

Many people spend just seconds looking at a LinkedIn profile, so image is everything if you want to connect with them in those vital few moments. A clear, professional image says a lot about your business, so you’ll want to ensure that your profile picture meets those guidelines. Likewise, your profile headline is the only thing people see before requesting a connection with you – so use it wisely – describe what you do., instead of just listing your job title.

Use Groups To Your Advantage

LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to get talking with new people, pick up some useful tips, and make valuable connections with other professionals and potential clients. Furthermore, creating your own group will allow you to send out emails to members via LinkedIn announcements, making it a valuable tool for generating some extra leads.

Posting ‘Articles’ on LinkedIn

LinkedIn articles are a great way to promote yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Consider LinkedIn articles to be similar to posting a blog on your website – however it is housed within the social network. Posting an article on LinkedIn allows you to link to it when you are following up leads. By creating value for your prospects (linking to your article) you will build rapport and help them ‘know, like and trust’ you – which is essential for a sale.   

Like other social networks, nurturing leads on LinkedIn is important. Building a relationship and developing some trust with your audience will speed up the buying cycle – so try not to go straight in for the kill.