When it comes to the number one source of B2B (business-to-business) lead generation in Melbourne, LinkedIn is king. In the Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report1 for 2018, they mention that 97% of all B2B marketers are utilising LinkedIn when using social media platforms for their content marketing. It’s the ideal platform to construct credibility within your business’s industry -here are just some of the numerous advantages you can leverage through LinkedIn.

Lead Generation Melbourne

Increased Leads

A huge advantage of LinkedIn’s one-on-one connection approach is that you can personalise your messages and increase the number of leads you get. CSO Insights and Seismic released a survey2 that revealed that B2B professionals experienced a 33% increased number of leads and a 24% increased conversion rate from utilising social selling tools such as LinkedIn.They also reported that 39% found that social tools had drastically reduced their time researching numerous contacts and accounts. LinkedIn provides prospects with all the required information they need about your business when deciding to contact your company.

Higher Conversion

May be you’re not convinced that LinkedIn is your saving grace when there are other social platforms with larger audiences, but the conversion rate is where LinkedIn really shines.HubSpot released data3 showing that out of all the social networks that B2B professionals use, LinkedIn produces the highest conversion rate of leads (2.74%) which is 3x higher than Facebook (0.77%) and Twitter (0.69%). Ultimately, you’re trying to garner interest and push traffic to your website, and half of the job is already done on LinkedIn. Users are on LinkedIn searching for industry-related and business-specific information and content, so they’re wired and ready to engage with the content you put out.

Smarter Networking

Efficiency can make a huge difference in how effective your lead generation efforts are.According to LinkedIn Business Solutions, 78% of sales people4 that utilise social see higher sales than those who don’t. Using social media channels such as LinkedIn is crucial for establishing an authoritative image for your business to be seen as a trusted source. Users on LinkedIn are social buyers, which means being introduced to new prospects by the same mutual connections that you both share results in higher trust and warmer leads.

Increased B2B Leads

LinkedIn is a great platform for any business, no doubt about it – but it truly shines for B2B companies. An article from Oberloin 20185 stated that over 80% of B2B leads were generated from LinkedIn, yet Twitter and Facebook are the most popular websites for social networking. Why is this? Omnicore6 has found that 40 million of LinkedIn users are in decision-making positions and senior level influencers make up 61 million of their users. There is such a rich audience to be engaging on LinkedIn, which is why it is the golden social space to be for B2B companies.

LinkedIn is clearly the social media platform king for B2B companies, and knowing how to leverage the opportunities the platform provides is key. Reach out to VIVO Marketing if you’re looking to maximise your B2B lead generation in Melbourne. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help your business.

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