As companies grow, they require marketing resources that can support and nurture their growth and making the wrong choice can result in long-lasting consequences down the line.For example, a marketing manager earning $100k often doesn’t have enough experience to build the whole marketing department – and you wonder why you ‘marketing’ isn’t working. Instead, hiring an outsourced marketing manager can provide your business with the experience that is required without the high marketing spend.

Outsourced Marketing Manager

For a business to effectively grow, not only should a company be spending 10% of its revenue on marketing but it should also have a strategic positioning in the market and have a strategic marketing calendar implemented. For this you need the expertise of a marketing director –but on boarding one full-time is not the most efficient way to go about it. Working with an outsourced marketing director means that you are able to stay within your budget while obtaining an experienced strategic leader. They can establish an effective marketing framework as they will understand the unique challenges and needs of your industry.

Then you need a marketing manager or brand manager to execute on the strategic direction the marketing director has set. The most cost-effective way to do this is to outsource to a marketing agency. Instead of needing to recruit and train additional staff, a marketing agency can provide untapped access to a talent pool of marketing professionals. You also only have to pay for their marketing services for as long as you need them, allowing you to effectively control and manage your marketing spend.

The cost of employing full-time in-house marketing staff, such as a marketing strategist in Melbourne,is very expensive without any guarantee that they will produce the results your business needs. Calculating the costs involved includes the money spent searching for and hiring a suitable candidate for the position, training them and paying their salary. But what if they decide to take another job? Then you have to calculate the costs of that employee exiting the business and managing the position’s role until it is filled again.

For the cost of employing one average in-house marketing manager, you can bring in an outsourced marketing director, manager and strategist to work on your account. This flexible and cost-effective approach of outsourced marketing avoids the issues that in-house marketing staff can face, such as not possessing the required skills that are needed when working on complex or larger projects. Even just one day a week of utilising these outside resources has proved to provide far superior results than employing a full-time resource that no one within the business can train. 

By working with a combination of an outsourced marketing manager, director and strategist, you will have a complete overview of what is planned for the months ahead and what the marketing budget will be. Contact VIVO Marketing when searching for one of the leading marketing companies in Melbourne that can provide a combination of outsourced marketing professionals that will set up you up for success. Reach out to us to get started today.

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