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It is impossible to deny the impact of e-commerce and the online marketplace. Regardless of your product, service, or specialty, if your livelihood relies on engaging the masses, digital marketing is one of the most affordable ways you can grow your company and extend your reach.

While the ideas of search engine optimisation (SEO) and voice search optimisation receive the lion’s share of attention when discussing online marketing, these are not the only ways for you to make your presence felt. In fact, some extremely useful advertising methods do not rely on customers searching for your goods or services. Instead, you will enter the same spaces your potential customers frequent.

An active and memorable social media presence can give you a surprising number of new customers as well as leads with a strong potential for conversion. Another benefit to looking towards social media for ads and lead generation is that it is among the cheapest ways to leave a digital footprint in the marketplace.

You have numerous platforms in the social media world where you can make yourself known. Of course, even though this type of advertising is cost-effective, you will want to invest time discovering which social media sites your target demographic visits frequently. Concentrating your efforts on the top two or three sites will provide better results. Although you are not casting your net as far, you are going deeper into the places your potential customers spend their time. This strategy gives you exposure to those most likely to respond to your ads.

Marketing your company on social media does not mean a one-size-fits-all campaign should apply. Different sites have different nuances, so tailor your efforts to complement the site you are working on to get the best results.

Here are several social media venues and tips to help you navigate them.

1. YouTube

Once a place to learn song lyrics and post footage of little Suzi’s birthday party, YouTube is a legitimate powerhouse in the e-commerce and advertising arenas. (They boast 300 minutes of video uploaded every minute.) Additionally, the site reaches more than 80 percent of Internet users, and the viewership crosses all age demographics. You can hardly go wrong targeting your efforts towards YouTube.

Options for advertising on YouTube

Skippable vs. non-skippable ads: You can choose how your ads appear. You have the option of skippable and non-skippable advertisement. Each kind has plusses that make it worth considering. The skippable promotion (TrueView) gives your audience a choice to watch or skip. You only pay when someone watches your video for at least 30-seconds. Non-skippable advertisements are often seen as aggressive and lead to the highest percentage of video abandonment. These facts do not immediately make them a poor choice. An entertaining well-targeted video advertisement will engage viewers and is a useful tool in lead generation.

Search listings: You can opt to have your promotions appear in the search listings. This is a popular method often used by small business owners. Many believe it gives the best of both worlds. A potential customer may choose to watch it or not, but your name and what you offer is still in front of the viewer.

2. LinkedIn

This is a networking site for professionals. Individuals meet, or link, with others in similar fields, an alum of the same universities, small business owners, and other organisational categories. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for advertising, especially if you are interested in business-to-business promotion.

A massive plus within this social media site is LinkedIn provides you with potential customers already divided into various demographics. Targeting the groups that you want to reach could not be easier.

Ways to advertise on LinkedIn 

Top of the newsfeed: This is a premium place for a banner. However, this is limited to text only. When vying for consumer attention, text is no longer your best option.

Native advertising: When you choose this option, your promotion becomes a part of the LinkedIn newsfeed. It looks as if it belongs there, thus the term native. This platform gives your audience a chance to engage without feeling as if you are aggressively pushing your products or services at them. An added plus to using the native advert, you can create meaningful ways to connect with your target group. In the video, offer something your key demographic would appreciate. You can link to infographics, webinars, case studies, or virtually anything useful to members of your audience. Sharing something helpful with your audience increases the chances of engagement and also makes you memorable.

3. Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is different from promoting yourself on the other social media sites. Although it sounds like a relatively simple way to get your name and product before many sets of eyes, it is more difficult than you may imagine.

Navigating Facebook advertising 

One of the first things you need to remember is that you are not working with hot leads. You and your business promotion are disrupting the flow of someone’s news feed. It is essential to have something unique and compelling, so the consumer feels they must stop and learn more. This could be an offer of free merchandise or free shipping, a download of an informative lecture, or plans detailing useful information. The most important thing is for your offering to appeal to your audience in a meaningful way.

Your Facebook page is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of promotion. It is representing you and your good or services, often in real time. When you set up a Facebook page for your business, you must be prepared to attend to it. If a potential customer is intrigued by your advertisement, there is a very high probability that they will visit your Facebook page. You want them to find an engaging page that tells the story of your business or your products. A customer at your Facebook page is your opportunity to make them want to learn more or make a purchase.

4. Instagram

Although some of the same methods that are necessary for Facebook are also necessary for successful Instagram marketing, the format is more attractive, and advertisements appear in a more orderly fashion. Posting videos for your business on Instagram is easy, and the format is quite user-friendly. Just be aware that you have a maximum of 59 seconds per video. This means you should plan carefully and have your target demographic in clear view to maximise your efforts.

Social media for ads and lead generation is among the cheapest ways to leave a digital footprint in the marketplace


Digital marketing offers you a variety of ways to engage with your target demographic. Remember, just because social media advertising is one of the cheapest ways to find your audience, you cannot afford for your work to appear cheap.

Your social media promotions need your time and attention; mix up your posts and offerings to keep people coming back and looking for more. No one will be as devoted to your business as you are, be sure your marketing campaigns show your devotion.