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Every winning team
needs a game plan

Every winning team has a game plan. Your Marketing Strategy is the blueprint for marketing success, tailored to your specific requirements. It is your roadmap to ensure you meet your goals on time and on budget. A brilliant strategy will dramatically improve the quality and results from all marketing efforts, increase media effectiveness and drive sales. It will ensure you execute campaigns that make an impact. We like to work collaboratively, so we’ll include you in the process through discovery sessions, brand identity sessions and media sessions.

How we engage you

Our Marketing Strategy Model has been crafted with you in mind. We fill in the gaps. We assess your goals and marketing capability. Then we customise projects, train your team or build retainers to support you as you need. This flexible model ensures we can assist whether you need immediate marketing materials or a full go to market strategy.


Discovery & Objectives

Client Session & Research

Marketing Capability

Client Session & Review

Gap Analysis

Report from VIVO

Tailored Marketing Strategy

Client Session & Research
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Your Tailored Marketing Strategy

Our bespoke Marketing Model explores the key elements that are the cornerstones of a successful marketing program. Without these fundamentals in place, marketing efforts are likely to be inconsistent, produce poor results, waste media dollars and create frustration. There are 3 key pillars within our Marketing Model. The Brand Strategy, the Creative Strategy and the Conversion Strategy. This Marketing Model is used to assess your current Marketing Capability, provide a Gap Analysis and then build a Tailored Marketing Strategy.

The VIVO Marketing Model

Brand Strategy

  • Target Audience & Marketing Research
  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Products & Innovation

Creative Strategy

  • Creative & Messaging
  • Communication Materials

Conversion Strategy

  • Media & Channel Planning
  • The Conversion Funnel
  • Tools & Automation
  • Data & Analytics

Strategic Projects

We customise projects to suit your marketing requirements. This flexible model ensures we can assist whether you need immediate marketing materials or a full go to market strategy.

  • Consumer Research & Insights
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Communication Strategy & Creative
  • Campaign Development
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Once strong foundations have been put in place and your Marketing Strategy is ready, you need to take action. There are three different ways VIVO can help you execute your strategy depending on your marketing budget and capability within your team.

  • Upskill your Internal Marketing Team
  • Outsourced Marketing Department (VIVO)
  • Outsourced Project Team (VIVO)